Next we have quite the bad record; that being 2003's , a terrible first album from the infamous Christian Weston Chandler, now known as Christine. The album is nothing but pain to behold, not only was it recorded in such an amazaly lazy way, but it sounds so horrible that you want to switch it off so fast before it gives you a headache.

As stated it was recorded in a lazy way. Seemly Chandler just took CDs from the original tracts - and not instrumentals - and just sang over them, just like how a person in a car would sing in their car to the latest top of the pops. The lyrics are poor at best. Because of the lazy way that it was recorded, it can be hard to make out the lyrics, but whenever you do, you can hear Chandler screech about not having a girlfriend, how their a virgin, and their Sonic The Hedgehog rip-off, Sonichu. The album has such lyrics as "Yellow is a mellow color / Yes, it is, it's a mellow color / Sonichu zaps the lightning". Hopefully schools will chuck out copies of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, and replace it with this album.

Christian & the Hedgehog Boys is the embodiment of bad music. Justin Bieber got mocked by millions online for not being a good singer, but at least he didn't sing over someone else's songs, while the original at least could be heard. Just terrible.