Welcome To The AcidPit

Neon signs, hidden messages, questions, answers, fetishes. The city can often make you feel like you are a bird in a cage, a cage you can never break free from, no matter how hard you try to, you can never escape. This site is dedicated to all of the people who are trapped inside of that birdcage. We hope you can spread your wings and fly like the birds in our dreams on day.

AcidJaw is a group effort to make an online magazine (or as the kewl kidz say a "webzine"), starring the unique world of the internet and the people who make up such an amazing place we call home. This website is only an attempt to bring a voice to the outcasts of our communities.

If you want to harass the editor about the lack of updates to this site, please contact us: <acidjaw@airmail.cc>.