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A Very Sexy Look at Sonic Girls
Taking a peak at James Barkley's Sonic Girls.
Venezuela March 2019 Powercuts
Article about a March 2019 powercuts that affected 14 of Venezuela's 23 states.
Rugrats Storyboard Jam
Looking at a story board jam that truly pushed some taboos.
Paul is Dead
Did Paul McCartney die in 1967, then got replaced by a look-alike?
Luis Ricardo Falero
A look at the life of Luis Ricardo Falero.
A Bad Review of The Emoji Movie
Clive has a look at one of the best movies of 2017.
A Look At Deep Dream of Electric Sheep (2015)
Can a image made by a robot be considered to be artwork equal to that of art made by humans?
A Bad Review of Solo: A Star Wars Story
A look at one of the most hated Star Wars movies.
A Look At Mother (1979)
Clive looks at Ida Libby Dengrove's Mother, showing The Sex Pistol's Sid Vicious on trial for the murder of his girlfriend.
A Bad Review of Yesterday (2019)
What if The Beatles never existed? This movie tells the tale of Jack Malik, a struggling singer-songwriter, who makes it big, after he becomes the only person in the world to know about the fab four.
Bumfights (2002)
In the bad old days, people used to pay five pennies and a crown to chuck peanuts at the freaks, of cause, doing this grew out of favour for most people, for one thing, you needed to get off your fat arse and go to a public place. No more could people laugh at the freaks outside of their own homes; times were changing after all...