A Very Sexy Look at Sonic Girls

Clive "James" Python, 2018-02-19

Just a heads up, this article is NSFW and talks about the theme of sex. Most of the links are NSFW. (That means it's good!)

Sin after sin I have endured
Yet the wounds I bear are the wounds of love

- Judas Priest, Genocide

When it comes down to it, James Barkley (better known as "AnimatedJames"), is an okay animator at best. He's certainly not brilliant, but calling him bad at animation would be outright wrong, admittedly, a lot of his cartoons are choppy sometimes, but most of the time that doesn't matter so much as he aims to do more comedy based sketches. From looking at his YouTube channel, it becomes quite apparent that James is a fan of the two best things ever, that being My Little Pony and Sonic the Hedgehog, in fact, making fan animations of the two was the very thing that made him iFamous, more precisely, it was his MLP videos that made him horse famous.

Despite being in arguably of the two worst fanbases, James' career in the YouTube world was going quite well, and as of writing, he's still doing quite well for a guy who wanks to fart pr0n (but we're getting ahead of ourself here...), he has been able to collaborate with a number of large brony YouTubers, such as Viva Reverie, DRWolf, Pikapetey and a number of other poor souls who all probably needed to take a cold shower if they ever saw his very sexy and erotic WebComic; Sonic Girls.

Before we begin, you must be warned, you will be turned on while reading this review, if you're a guy, expect to be as hard as a rock, and if you're a gal, you'll be as wet as the sea in no time at all. You have been warned.

The Backstory...

On the 10th of May 2014, a fellow 4chan user found a comic by the name of "Sonic Girls", made by someone who went by the name of AndySonic, soon after, anon would post what they found on 4chan's /co/ board (/co/ being for comics and cartoons), what they found was a WebComic where the main plot revolved around farting, but, this was no normal fart fetish comic, this was a fart fetish comic made by, you guessed it, AnimatedJames! People on 4chan soon realised that James was behind the comic in no time at all, the main give away is the Butch Hartman style art, but unlike James, Butch probably doesn't post pr0n of The Fairly OddParents online (or maybe he does but nobody knows about it!).

Soon after the 4chan post was made, it hit its post limit, and a second thread was made.

After finding out that people found out about his interest in farts, James owned up to it - but saying that he did remove the original Sonic Girls URL (https://sonic-girls.tumblr.com) and has not since re-uploaded the WebComic. But, this being the Internet, someone made an archive of the whole comic, and it can now be found here;

After everyone and their dog found out, James would publish his REALLY FUCKING SEXY art on a new DeviantArt account aptly named WeirdoAnimatedJames (would later be named as "EccentricJames"), for some time he would showcase some... unique tastes in art, such as "Marge Simpson Farts", "Scanty And Kneesocks Fart" and many more*.

The reason why James has a thing for farts is quite something, to quote him on why he likes farts;

Part of the reason I have a fart fetish is because of my best friend Heather. We met in the 9th grade and we're still friends. One day while we were hanging out I was lying right next to her butt, and what happened was, well, pretty much the picture here. And it wasn't just a small fart it was a long, long, and very wet fart that smelled horribly... and it was great. We both laughed (she laughed more than me), but it was that fart that gave me my strange fetish. Like I said, we're still friends, and she still farts on me as a joke, because she never laughed harder in her life than when she farted in my face.

Hmmm, quite something, isn't it?

Looking At The Comic...

The comic is quite something to behold, even when you ignore the fact that AnimatedJames made it. Out of the 250 pages of the comic, a large portion is dedicated to nudity and female Sonic charters ("Sonic Girls" if you will ) being a little too open about their farting habits. Very little time is dedicated to inducing any of the characters before the first fart is made, in fact, the first green fart cloud is seen on the second page, while the first time anyone says a single word is on the third - so off to a good start there.

It's weird to think that someone not only took the time to plan out in advance, but to also draw female Sonic characters in not only sexual situations, but in fart fetish territory of all places.

It's quite clear that the comic wasn't made for the plot, but simply so James and other eproctophiles can wack off to the idea of Sonic charters farting on each other. As you would imagine, the plot for the comic is quite weak and can be summed up in a short sentence; Rouge The Bat needs to pay rent so she gets a gig in a strip club, the end. Damn, that's sexy.

It's not a very interesting comic to read at all, and to be honest, it's really not worth your time to read it at all, the best thing you can do if you really want to view James' fart art is to take a look at his Encyclopedia Dramatica article - it's quite the read!

Hailey Flower

After the horror of Sonic Girls, James would make a second WebComic, Hailey Flower, that is surprisingly really good and interesting, well, okay it's not, it's really just an excuse for James to make more farting material for himself and his creepy fans to touch their selves over. If you don't have a fart fetish like most people, the only thing you will take away from this comic is your own time that could have been used to say learn something useful like CSS, German, a musical instrument rather than read a fucking fetish comic on the Web.

The comic is best summed up by the overlooked Bad Webcomics Wiki...

[This] is not a frat-boy humor webcomic. It takes fart fetishism into freaky creepy sexual territory. [...] [There] is no graphically-depicted sex or nudity (that I found, anyway), but it still is a sleazy porn webcomic, where Hailey and her lesbian lover Day fart upon one another as their way of getting sexual satisfaction.


It should be noted that all the farting is done by the female characters of this webcomic, and only the women in this webcomic are enjoying the farting. It's women farting on one another and enjoying being farted upon, and even mother and daughter enjoying each other's farts-a sort of incestuous relationship I suppose. Shockingly enough, none of the males blow farts, nor do they enjoy being farted upon, not even by hot chicks. Which says something about the author and his intended audience.

Don't waste your time with Hailey Flower or Sonic Girls.


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Links to his paid art

inb4 DMCA
While I do appreciate those who purchase this, I think this fetish community is small enough that we all know each other so those who buy it can share it with people who don't have paypal, or just don't have money... or just don't feel like paying for something like this. Fair enough.

- James Barkley [Link, Internet Archive, archive.is]

VII. Misc' links

Photo of OwlMan after publishing this article.

*More photos would be linked, but most of the archives of his dA are now lost on The Internet Archive.

Thank you to hosma for pointing out that I made very basic spelling mistakes that a child would have seen.