Does it Run Doom?

Clive "James" Python, 2019-11-13

Over the years since Doom was released in December 1993, it has been ported - or at least loosely translated - to nearly every type of hardware capable of running it even semi-decently, from the ZX Spectrum, to a Porsche 911, it would seem that Doom is able to run on most things with a CPU. This was helped, in part, by the source code of Doom being released in 1997, under a not-for-profit license. Later, permission was granted to re-release the source code under the GNU GPL in October 1999.

One thing that you should note on this page is that some of the ports do not use any of the original IWAD data, and do not also use any of the original code for the game. So in other words, it isn't a true Doom port, however, if it runs, looks, and overall feels like Doom, then it will be listed here.

DeviceDoes it run Doom? Comments/Link
ExampleYes/No Re: Example link
A Modern ComputerWill most likly run Doom fine To run Doom you will need...
1) a Doom IWAD file
2) a source port for the game
3) a computer that works
Windows MobileYes Re: Windows Mobile on Wikipedia
Re: Screenshots of Chocolate Doom running on Windows Mobile
Windows XPYes Re: Screenshot of Chex Quest running on XP
Windows 7Yes Re: Doom II running on Windows 7
Re: My PC
macOSYes macOS is also known as "Mac OS X" and "OS X".
Re: mac0S on Wikipedia
Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on macOSX
The Nintendo WiiYes Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on The Wii
Ubuntu 8.04 (Linux)Yes Re: Ubuntu on Wikipedia
Re: Screenshot of Doom running on Ubuntu 8.04
Re: Building Chocolate Doom on Debian
Re: Building Chocolate Doom on Debian/v3
Re: Building Chocolate Doom on Linux
Re: Installing Chocolate Doom on Linux
Gentoo (Linux)Yes Re: Gentoo on Wikipedia
Re: Building Chocolate Doom on Gentoo
Fedora (Linux)Yes Re: Fedora on Wikipedia
Re: Building Chocolate Doom on Fedora
OSWALDYes Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on OSWALD
Re: OSWALD Hand-held Computer
HaikuYes Re: Haiku on Wikipedia
Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on Haiku
FreeBSDYes Re: FreeBSD on Wikipedia
Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on FreeBSD
OpenBSDYes Re: OpenBSD on Wikipedia
Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on OpenBSD
Re: Building Chocolate Doom on OpenBSD
OpenSolarisYes Re: OpenBSD on OpenSolaris
Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on OpenSolaris
Solaris 2.6 on a SPARC processorYes Re: Solaris on Wikipedia
Re: SPARC on Wikipedia
Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom on Solaris
AmigaOS 4Yes Re: AmigaOS 4 on Wikipedia
Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on AmigaOS 4
Windows 95Yes Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on Windows 95
Re: Windows 95 promo for Doom with Bill Gates
Windows 10Yes Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on Windows 10
Windows NTYes Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on Windows NT
Windows VistaYes Re: Screenshot of Chocolate Doom running on Windows Vista
A pumpkinYes It runs Doom (Well, Freedoom) fine, however, the pumpkin will rot over time.
Re: Anything can run doom if u just believe in urself
JTC Smart TVYes Re: Running Doom on a cheap smart TV (OC)
Fire TV stickYes Re: Running Doom on a Fire TV stick (OC)
Polywell mc550Yes Re: Polywell mc550 runs doom
Tabletop Simulator TabletYes Re: Tabletop Simulator Tablet. Do you even need to ask?
Ubuntu MinimalYes It looks really ugly.
Re: "How is Ubuntu Minimal as a gaming machine?" "Terrible, it is just an Ubuntu Terminal with not even the most basic GUI" "Can it run Doom?" "Of Course. Why wouldn't it?"
Humans (Homo sapiens)Yes When naming your firstborn child, you can cause a stack overflow in the system's memory by naming it "%5E219F%", allowing you to sideload unsigned external code, and run Doom.
Re: life hack
Re: Lucky for yourself, you can run Doom on humans. Who'd a thunk!
Stream DeckYes It looks hard to play
Re: It has finally happened. Someone has put @Doom on Stream Deck.
Android 2.3 Gingerbread (Mobile Phone)Yes Re: Can android 2.3 Gingerbread run Doom? Yes! Sort of...
Hyundai (Car)Not really Re: Doom on a Hyundai (Attempt 1)
MintyPiYes Running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W.
Re: [Doom runs] On an Altoids tin
Tapwave Zodiac 1Yes Re: A closer look at the Tapwave Zodiac 1, a gaming PDA (and its port of DOOM)
A ToasterYes More of a controler for the game, but still.
Re: How to mod any toaster to control pc games in 3 easy steps
A Porsche 911 (Car)Yes Looks like a pain in the arse to play.
Re: How to mod your Porsche 911 or other car to run Doom in 3 easy steps
Texas Instruments TI-83 PLUS calculatorYes The game has no audio. Looks more like Wolf 3D.
Re: LGR - "Doom" on a Calculator! [Ti-83 Plus Games Tutorial]
Re: zDoom 0.12
iPhone 3GSYes Re: An iPhone 3GS [running Doom]
eReaderYes Looks to run slow and is in black and white.
Re: Play Doom on an E-ink screen
LED BillboardYes Looks to run fine.
Doom on an LED billboard
Diablo IIYes More of a mod for Diablo II, but still.
Re: Doomiablo 0.1.0 - Tech Demo - Environment, Monsters, Duel & Weapons
The Reddit appYes Re: Reddit app runs doom
Kodak DC260 Digital Camera from 1998Yes Runs well.
Re: Doom (DoomD) running on a Kodak DC260 Digital Camera from 1998!
A Canon printerYes Re: DOOM running on a Canon printer
Sandisk Sansa e260Yes Re: Here is a Sandisk Sansa e260 running Doom.
ESP32Yes Re: Work day ends now (sorry for the vertical video)
Super NESYes Was an official port for the game, it was developed by Sculptured Software

Re: Super NES on The Doom Wiki

NES MiniYes Re: doom on NES mini
iPod Nano 2Yes It's running Freedoom, but it's still an IWAD.
Re: Doom running on iPod Nano 2
iPod (5th generation)Yes A hack allowed 5th generation iPods to run a port of Doom. It is also possible to run Doom on iPods running Rockbox's Rockdoom plugin (based on PrBoom). This requires installing Rockbox on a supported device, then installing Rockdoom, and finally copying the WAD file of the game to run. This makes Doom available on virtually all devices supported by Rockbox - but the actual implementation, restricted controls, device's power, and screen can make it unplayable.

Re: List of Doom source ports

Commodore 64Yes Looks ugly.
Re: DOOM on the Commodore 64!! [Quick Play] | Nostalgia Nerd
Commodore 128Yes Doom for the Commodore SuperCPU is a direct port of the Linux Doom source code to the Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 computer systems with the SuperCPU upgrade, which consists of a 65c816 clocked at 20 MHz with an accompanying 16 MB RAM upgrade. It was developed by Commodore hacker AmiDog as a test application for his MIPS Recompiler, a program which allows dynamic binary translation of MIPS programs to the 65c816.

Re: Home page with download link
Re: Game play video at YouTube

ZX Spectrum (British home computer from the 80s)Yes That music tho.
Re: DOOM ZX Spectrum [Quick Play] | Nostalgia Nerd
Re: DOOM game on ZX Spectrum
Re: Doom (ZX Spectrum)
TI-Nspire CX CAS Handheld (Calculator)Yes Re: You have to start somewhere.
In Flash (.SWF)Yes Re: Doom Triple Pack
Virtual reality - Android VR, and Google CardboardYes Uses assets from Freedoom.
Re: Doomed VR
Re: Doomed VR Google Play page
Re: //
Doom in DoomYES! Re: [WIP] Classic Arcade!
The Atari Jaguar (or just "Jagg" if you're cool)Yes One of the first official ports of Doom.
Re: Atari Jaguar
3DOYes Many fans consider this to be one of the worst, if not the worst, of the Doom console ports.
Re: 3DO
Re: The code
Re: Article on TCRF
Sega 32XYes Was developed directly by John Carmack.
Re: Sega 32X
The Game Boy AdvanceYes Based on the Atari Jaguar version of the engine used for the first series of console ports developed during the 1990s. However, Doom II runs on a custom engine shared with several other Game Boy Advance first-person shooter games called the Southpaw Engine.
Re: Doom for Game Boy Advance
Re: Doom II for Game Boy Advance
The Sony PlayStationYes Has the song "Club Doom" and that kicks arse.
Re: Sony PlayStation
Re: Doom Playstation Game Review
The Sega SaturnYes Re: Sega Saturn
PocketStation (Japan only)Yes Re: PocketStation DOOM
OLPC XOYes The OLPC XO was previously known as the $100 Laptop, Children's Machine and 2B1
Re: OLPC XO on Wikipedia
Re: XO Laptop Help: How To Get DOOM on Your XO
Re: DOOM on the OLPC XO!
Re: Now everyone, regardless of income, can run doom because of the One Laptop Per Child project.
The Nintendo SwitchYes Re: Apparently, the Switch does [run Doom] now.
Re: kgDoom Beta release on Switch
Re: kgdoom
A LED wall at 34c3Yes Re: [Doom on] this LED wall at 34c3
A Mio C710 (GPS)Yes Re: 12 year old GPS navigation I pulled out of a drawer in a moment of pre-Christmas boredom running Doom [OC]
Christmas lightsYes Is running Freedoom.
Re: My Christmas tree running Doom
Re: Spatially-Mapped Christmas Lights
Re: Spatially-Mapped Christmas Lights
Motorola droid 3Yes Re: Motorola droid 3 runs doom
Motorola Symbol mc9090 gun-type barcode scannerYes Re: My co-worker got DooM 2 running on a Motorola PocketPC ticket scanner!
In ASCIIYes Re: Doom Rendered in TEXT - 1337D00M | Nostalgia Nerd
Re: //
Re: 'Doom' Rendered Entirely in ASCII Is the Most 1337 Way to Play
iPadYes Re:
iPhoneYes Re:
iPod TouchYes Re:
Commodore VIC-20Yes vicdoom is a Doom source port to the Commodore VIC-20 8-bit home computer system, programmed by Kweepa. Eight of the nine levels of Knee-Deep in the Dead are provided, in a simplified format. Many superfluous areas are removed to fit the levels into system memory constraints, and all height differences are removed as the game engine is not capable of dealing with them.

Re: //
Re: Official git repository
Re: Original announcement at VIC-20 Denial Forums
Re: Review and instructions on how to play
Re: Video of gameplay on YouTube
Re: Commodore History Part 2 - The VIC 20

ARM PalmOSYes ZDoomZ is a Doom Source port for ARM PalmOS devices. Despite the name, it is not based off ZDoom but rather Linux Doom 1.10.

Re: Official Homepage
Re: Modification of ZDoomZ using same name (archive)

Acorn RiscOSYes Re:
Fallout 4's PipBoyProbably/Yes No video evidence has been found.

Re: Doom for the Pipboy
Re: Doom is Now Fully Playable Using Fallout 4's PipBoy
Re: I got Doom working on the Pipboy!

On browserYes Has some slow FPS
TI-Nspire (calculator)Yes Re:
Roomba (autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners)Kind of DOOMBA, made by Rich Whitehouse in late 2018, will turn a Roomba's root (as in what parts of your house it cleans) into a Doom map.


Re: [Satire] Terrified MIT Computer Scientists Hide From Roomba Hacked to Run DOOM

soso OSYes The soso OS was seemly only made to be able to be able to play Doom. The port isn't the best, as you can't use cheat codes, oh, and good luck saving a game, for some reason you can't type in any letters into the would-be save file.
Re: Screenshot 1
Re: Screenshot 2