Welcome to the MothZone! This is the auxiliary homepage of Digital Warlock Bytemoth, some nostalgic fool desperately searching for his lost will to create. Toward that end, this site has been designed with some decade-old aesthetics. I'd say to pardon the dust, but it's probably turned to rust by now.

Latest Updates
Striped purple and magenta cat-like creature. 2009-01-23: Added guacamole recipe and a few pictures to C.
2009-01-27: Sci has arrived to eat your Chex Mix and string cheese.
2009-02-06: New link (Old CSS, New CSS) on B.
2009-04-06: More spam emails.

You have been visited by Sci, self-appointed guardian of the MothZone. Don't try anything foolish or she will jump through the monitor and sit on your keyboard.

If you'd like a Pherni friend of your own, maybe someone from the pack following Karasu-chan around will take a liking to you.

An archive of junk mail I've been getting.
Bold type
Things I like that were made/said by other people.
The tools and recipes you need to make your life tasty.
An archive of my first Mastodon account, after its instance crashed.
No need to dig through all the sites I'm on for the original content.
Some old stuff I found at the back of the freezer.

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