People and Members of NeoZones

This page is dedicated to all of the members of NeoZones. Most of the people on this page are all right.. Well, who are we kidding? None of them are all right.

If you like these losers cool people, why not join us for Cult Movie Night?


Ricky the raccoon is the mascot of NeoZones. He is diagnosed with rabies and terminal baby disease. Before his job at NeoZones, Ricky was often found at a dumpster behind a local WalMart suffering from a cocaine addiction. He may look like a cute baby raccoon, but Ricky has a criminal record to his name including charges of vandalism, arson, and drug possession. However, he has claimed to be sober since then.


Bytemoth is said to have emerged, fully formed, from the same puff of logic that obliterated Yahweh in 2012. He claims to be a digital warlock with dominion over many strange magickal realms, including a text-based forest, a cosmic dungeon with 5000 levels, and an 'electric brook'.

He was last seen attempting to use forbidden technomancy powers to revive the year 2009. As of the time of writing, he appears to be trapped within a temporal dilation vortex, resulting in the current glacial pace of updates to his websites and blogs.


Emily Solarpunkz, also known as "chameleon", is a debatably high-functioning illiterate and the first known human medically confirmed to possess brain cells numbering in the negatives. She is prohibited from travelling internationally, and is both gay and homophobic. also she's too lazy to write the rest of this rn 


Nekojiru is a person who might or might not exist. When asked whether to confirm thier existance, Nekojiru only had this to say:

"Now listen to me young man, I am talking directly into your ear now. I need you to dome a favor. You will do this for me. I need you to go to Hollywood Video, and I need you to ask the bastard working the counter if they have Batman: Mask of the Phantasm on VHS. If you come back empty handed you will be in big trouble mister. You will never see the light of day."


Öwly, also known as Cass Python, has been eating ass since the day they was born, yes that's right, since 2008 they has been showing the world that it doesn't matter what size your penis is, all that matters is how well you eat dat @$$.

They have an interest in computers, 90's websites, collecting records, and the preservation of the World Wide Web. Öwly also runs their own website where they post about a large amount of topics and themes.

Cass Python was arrested on 2018-12-25, and they are currently under investigation by the Home Office due to their relation to David Spencer, who was charged for planing the 1982 Trumpton Riots, where 16 people, including Captain Snort were killed. Python, 63, was arrested after a long fire out with the police on Tuesday.

They could face charges of second-degree murder, over 16 cases, along with owning a firearm without a licence, refusing arrest, and attempted murder of the police force while refusing to be arrested.

Pizza Squeeze

Pizza Squeeze was adventuring through the forest one night when he discovered a mysterious piece of pizza laying on the ground it looked suspicious so he squeezed it that's how he got the name Pizza Squeeze. A week after he found that pizza and squeezed it stuff started to go wrong. It started with him getting fired from his job and breaking his leg but than turned into him accidentally opening a portal to hell.


Randy Asui, also known as TEH LEROY, was a graphic artist and systems engineering student, born 20 years ago in Fuckville, Vuvuzela.

On March 12, 2019, mysteriously disappeared without a trace, after a blackout that affected his country for several days and to date his whereabouts is unknown. People close to him, claim to have seen him being dragged into a black hole and probably killing him immediately or being teleported to another dimension.

Some theorists and scientists claim that the lack of electricity and the accumulation of stress energy will have "teleported" him to the stone age. as well as several current evidences indicate that it is possible that he invented Earth, Wind & Fire.

Recently, in a cave in Tiaxcala, Mexico, several writings carved in limestone were found with messages that he probably marked with sticks. One of the messages says "I'm gonna write the N-word!!", followed by another that for several reasons will not be mentioned.

THE INFORMATION ABOVE has not been verified but it seems right.