Submit a Comic to Comic Ping Pong

So - you want to submit your sexy comic strip to Comic Ping Pong? Great job, but before you send us your strip, be sure it follows these guidelines:

Be sure to include the following information:
What name you want to be credited by.
Your site/dA/Tumblr/etc. to link back to.
When you made the page (ISO-8601 format).
A transcript of the page, for the vision-impaired.
Any author's commentary (programs used, what you're working on, etc.).

What kind of art style should I use?
You can use any style that you like; 8-bit, 3D model, made in MS Paint, made in ASCII art, or even a photo that you took. Anything is more than welcome; you don't need to follow the style of the last page, do what you think is best!

Sending your page
You can send your page in in a few ways; post on our profile about it, post it on our Discord, or if you have accounts on neither, E-Mail OwlMan about it.