-   -_,          |\     /\\,/\\,          ,,
(  ~/||        '   \\   /| || ||    _    ' ||
(  / ||   _-_ \\  / \\  || || ||   < \, \\ ||
 \/==||  ||   || || ||  ||=|= ||   /-|| || ||
 /_ _||  ||   || || || ~|| || ||  (( || || ||
(  - \\, \\,/ \\  \\/   |, \\,\\,  \/\\ \\ \\

     Issue 11 / 2020-03-17


NEWSLETTER: Private Eyes

This issue we have:
* Me man, monkey no talk!
* A dumb joke
* More neural networks to add to the pile


Hello there, me old chum, *holds up spork*, wow,
how am I not dead yet? :D

Well anyhow, welcome to yet another addition of
AcidMail, a newsletter so bad that currently the
UN are thinking about outlawing it - if that's
not cool, I don't know what is!


Can you name all of the Four Spice Girls of The

There's Death Spice, War Spice, Famine Spice, and
Pestilence Spice!


The ASCII of The Now is a weekly thing we do
where we dig threw the old archives of forgotten
websites, finding ASCII art that time forgot.
        .--------------------,       /       \
        | Monky stop talking!|      /-__      |
        | Monkey no talk.    |     / o        |
        | Ape talk.          /\    |          |
        '-------------------"-_\   |uu        |
                                    \         |
                                 ___/         |
              /              ----
             /  / /         /
           /// / /         /
          / / / /         /
          __(\           /     /|
         (___ "---------"     / |
         (____               /  |
         (__________________/   |
          _,^^,/ /               \
         (G,66>_/                 \
         _/\_,_)    _             |
        / _    \  ,' )            |
       / /"\    \/  ,_\           |
    __(,/   >  e ) / (_\.oO       /
    \_ /   (   -,_/    \_/       /
      U     \_, _)              /
             (  /              /      //
  mic         >/              /     //
             (.oO            /     /  :F_P:
                             |     \
                              \    \
                               \   \
                                \   \
                                 \ .--,
                                  \   /
                                 /"  /
                                /  _/

This weeks ASCII art is, well, kind of odd,
well, like, hm... It's of a monkey (a rather
human looking one, but that's beside the point),
seemly about to twat an ape.

Me man, me hunt for food, me no need wolf to hunt
with, me hunt with hands!



They say looking at TV will turn your eyes
square, that never happened to anyone we know, so
we guess that it would be fine to also browse the
web for 23-hours-a-day, Hell, if it won't for us
browsing the web so much, how would we have found
all of these links? Got you there, mom and dad!

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1buMUfYby2M
Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. A poor
frog was going to to the die, but two brave men
presided them otherwise Truly heart warning
moment indeed.

Internet = Won!

: https://scrollbars.matoseb.com/
Short and sweet website that shows the history of
the scrollbar, from NeXTSTEP in 1989 all the way
to Windows 10 in 2015. Shout-out to Windows 95
and Vista for being the best.

: http://www.votepredictor.com/
At AcidJaw and NeoZones, we're all big suckers for
neural networks, and as a way to *not* break the
chain, here is yet another one to add to the
pile. To take a quote from its website; "[Vote
Predictor is a] neural network [that] was fed
thousands of top-level and second-level comments
from reddit's most popular subreddits[.] [...]
The neural network was trained to predict the
number of votes a comment would get. Another
neural network was trained with a subset of these
comments that were highly voted to generate
text" - so the long and short for what it does is
that you select what subreddit you are going to
post on and what your comment will be, the NN
will then predicts how many up or doenvotes you
could get.

As with all neural networks, it isn't always 100%
correct, for example, if you select the r/pics
subreddit with the post called "Look at this cute
doggo!" with the comment of "God, I fucking hate
dogs and the French. Fuck dogs, I hope they all
burn in the deepest, darkest pits of Hell. I
also hate Big Chungus and I fucked you are mom.",
then you will apparently get 13 votes on Reddit. 

: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-51883247

Whenever people say some rubbish like "video
games are only a blood bath", one they're wrong,
two, they are wrong. The whole idea of The
Uncensored Library is so cool; it's a virtual
library that was made as a way for players of the
game to be able to read articles by journalists
which were censored online.

To quote the BBC article;

   After two hours of trying, the BBC managed to
   visit the virtual library and asked its
   patrons what they thought about it.

   SoulfulGenie said they thought "it needs more
   books and a new section on North Korea" and
   another user called it "ingenious in many
   ways", adding that, as the library may be
   downloaded and reuploaded by other users, "it
   is easy to replicate and therefore hard to

   Meanwhile, other players focused on the
   appearance of the library, with ReduxPL
   saying it "looks incredible indeed".

Projects like this prove that computer games
aren't simply full of mindless shoot 'em ups, but
rather projects that can help people. This is
just a fantastic project, and best of luck to
everyone who is working on it!


The AcidMail newsletter would not be possible if
it won't for the vile people over on at NeoZones,
perhaps one of the worst "webhomes" on the WWW.
To browse more terrible things that these
discussing people have made, our URL is

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