People and Members of NeoZones

This page is dedicated to all of the members of NeoZones. Most of the people on this page are all right.. Well, who are we kidding? None of them are all right.

If you like these losers cool people, why not join us for Cult Movie Night?


Ricky the raccoon is the mascot of NeoZones. He is diagnosed with rabies and terminal baby disease. Before his job at NeoZones, Ricky was often found at a dumpster behind a local WalMart suffering from a cocaine addiction. He may look like a cute baby raccoon, but Ricky has a criminal record to his name including charges of vandalism, arson, and drug possession. However, he has claimed to be sober since then.


DUMBmoth is said to have farted, really hard haha got you there you dumb dumb,. from the day he was ibndfsb born he was truble, hahah, r ocky horror, loool, uh, nayway, this person really smalles lilk poop lol, uhhhhh.

so anyway, this guy has his own website)?) like whomfs has thery own website in 2020???? lol, fuc kiung idit o. >

teh last tim i swaw this FOOL he was usin winBLOWS 7??? hahahahahahah, what??? Ummmmmmm, okaty, but ill say this, and i ll das it once, I mean say it once, whoiops, but only REAL l33t hak0rz use linuix, NOT DUM DUMB WINDOWZ, YOU HACK


uh, so yeah, what iz there to say on emaly? imma make a bullet point list;


  • they the dumb
  • They are a woman??? uhhhh last time i checked, NO GIRLZ USE THE INTERNETR, you LIBTARD
  • they like music thta isn't one (1) direction, fucking bafoon </ul>

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  • Nekojiru

    Nekojiru is a person who might or might not exist. When asked whether to confirm thier existance, Nekojiru only had this to say:

    "Now listen to me young man, I am talking directly into your ear now. I need you to dome a favor. You will do this for me. I need you to go to Hollywood Video, and I need you to ask the bastard working the counter if they have Batman: Mask of the Phantasm on VHS. If you come back empty handed you will be in big trouble mister. You will never see the light of day."

    Jimmy AKA GEYMan haha

    ummmmm, idk, so like, this is WHAT YOU flipping get jIMMY for being a smelly face, hahaah, look at me, I'm such a REDDIT troll XD

    THE INFORMATION ABOVE has not been verified but it seems right.