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NEWSLETTER: The Mighty Queen of Sin

This issue we have:
* Looking at The Fab Four
* Draw something for us NOW OR ELSE!
* A dog that shoots fire out of their arse (sigh)


Hola, amigos, welcome to AcidMail, the ONLY
newsletter on the Web that matters (I'm sure if
we keep on saying that, it will become true!)

Anyway... Enjoy...

Oh! Also, for an upcoming issue of AcidMail, we
will be covering an online art program called JS
Paint (https://jspaint.app/), and essentially, it
would be cool if people were willing to draw
something that they wanted too that could be used
in the upcoming addition of the newsletter (this
could end poorly).

If you're on Neocities, you can submit art here:

Via E-Mail: <acidjaw@airmail.cc>

Or PM OwlMan#6604 on Discord

Deadline is 2020-04-29.

- cheers!

Oh, and don't forget to wash your hands, you
dutty pig!


On 2019-03-24, the website neozones.neocities.org
was registered by a bunch of weird people from
across the globe, since then, we have managed to
somehow get a fair amount of followers with
40,700 plus views on the site and growing. We are
all very grateful to the people who take the
time out of their life to visit our site.

Thank you all so very much and here is to many
more years of NeoZones (and also our host,


At this point, if you have not heard of The
Beatles, then it is likely that you have little
to no idea about the Western World as a whole.
Let's face it, The Fab Four are known by a lot of
people, after all, they are regarded as the most
influential bands of all time, selling over 183
million units in the States and estimated sales
of 600 million units worldwide, the band also
managed to get the record for the most
number-one albums in the UK Albums Chart, most
number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart,
and most singles sold in the UK - so to say that
they were a successful group would be an

Along with all of the sales, they are considered
to be "the best band ever", but is that
justified? Well over the coming weeks, we will be
looking at every album that the Liverpudlian boys
made, in sweet chronological order (fancy),
seeing if the albums that they made truly were
worth all of the hype that they had, and if they
still stand up to the test of time. 

For the first album we have...


Starting off with their first proper album, The
Beatles came-out with Please Please Me, an
admittedly fun and sometimes catchy album at
times. The record was produced by the late
George Martin, who is often considered to be the
fifth Beatle (although the whole idea of a
"fifth Beatle" is very much up to debate; during
a 1997 interview with the BBC, Paul McCartney
said "if anyone [were] the fifth Beatle [it
would be Beatles' manager Brian Epstein]", but
later said after George Martin's death that
Martin was the true fifth Beatle in a 2016
memorial post) - regardless, George Martin would
play a large role in the band's albums.

George Martin won't be the only recurring name
throughout the history of the band; unlike other
acts, all of the original members would still be
working together at the start of their
discography till the end. For the band, we have
John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and
Ringo Starr. Before Please Please Me, the band
was simply know as The Quarrymen, but they only
played live gigs and never had any records out,
although some scratchy bootlegs (also known as
"Beatlegs") do exist, but they won't be covered.

The album feels like a bit of a let-down for
myself, the opening track of "I Saw Her Standing
There" is fast and a bit of fun, same goes for
its title track (Please Please Me), but the rest
of the songs seem to be rather s..l...o...w,
which would be well and good if there was a
stand-out track that screams "This album is worth
buying for this one song!", but non of them
really do that for myself.

What seems to be a recurring theme in the album
itself seems to be the idea of how nice it would
be if you were my girlfriend. It may be unfair,
but I don't really like the early songs from
this band, sure some of them stick out, and it
may seem pessimistic of me, but I kind of do
think that the band would get much better a
whole once they would experiment with not only
their music, but also with drugs (mostly LSD
and marijuana to a small part). Without
experimentation, a band can kind of blend into
the nothingness and can be swapped and replaced
by other bands from the time. A band needs
something that splits them apart from others in a
way that will make the listener want to play them
over another, and at least for this album, The
Beatles don't have that.

Is it worth buying? Well, sure if you find one
for under 20 DollarPounds, then go right ahead
(saying that, Beatles' albums do seem to cost a
fair bit - at HMV in the UK, the album on record
can set you back a cool £30).

To sum up; Please Please Me is not really an all
that exciting album and quite a few of the
tracks are worth skipping (looking at you, Milk
and Honey).


The ASCII of The Now is a weekly thing we do
where we dig threw the old archives of forgotten
websites, finding ASCII art that time forgot.

  _______         _______
 /_/___\_\       /_/___\_\
 \ \   / /       \ \   / /     ____
  \/ v \/ _______ \/ v \/     /\__/\
   \ | / /_/___\_\ \ | /     /_/  \_\____
    \|/  \ \   / /  \|/      \ \__/ /\__/\
     v    \/ v \/    v        \/__\/_/  \_\
           \ | /                   \ \__/ /
            \|/                     \/__\/
             v        David Cole



We're addicted to browsing the WWW over on at
NeoZones, and as many of us no longer have work
or schools to go to because of the Coronavirus
Disease (COVID-19), we thought that you might
like to waste the hours of nothingness browsing
our terrible link suggestions, ooohhh yeah! B-)

: https://rocketdog.cartoonhangover.com
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9WYRTCoOsA
As co-made by Frederator, Rocket Dog is the
classic tale of a boy and his dog, a dog that can
(of cause) shoot fire out of their arsehole so
HARD that they can fly (we have hit the highpoint
of AcidMail, by the way).

Over on at the NeoZones Discord server
(https://neozones.neocities.org/discord/), we
watched the Rocket Dog pilot only a few days back
as of publication, and we all found it to be
very, very funny indeed. Sadly, there is only the
one episode so far, but on the blog for the show
(as linked), the owner of the blog wrote
"Believe it or not, Rocket Dog is still in
development at a network here in Burbank",
although they carry on saying that "If we're
lucky enough to get a series order, the show
wouldn't air before 2019" - that was in 2017.

Has this dog been put down? Only time will tell.

: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanto_profanity
Wanted to know how to use rude words in your
favourite constructed language? Well, looks like
you can now thanks to this Wikipedia article!

: https://cybre.space/@witchfynder_findennr/103794179196228844
Weird news article from pre-World War II America
about a man who was seemly asked to identified a
body to make sure that it wasn't his own person.

: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/51930728
In the last week's addition of AcidMail, we
showed off The Uncensored Library, a library that
only exists in the world of Minecraft, well this
week we want to show off a small article of a
Japanese primary school who, due to the
Coronavirus, were unable to celebrate their
graduation, so instead, they celebrated it in
Minecraft - very cute!


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