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		AcidMail / Issue 14 / 2020-04-07


NEWSLETTER: Thy Flesh Consumed

This issue we have:
* Videos. Loads of videos.
* Looking at "A Hard Day's Night"
* A gift from the gods; YTMND is back!


>GEN' 1:1
...And then God said "Let there be
light!", and it was okay, but then He said "Let
there be AcidJaw", and again, it was alright, but
then, the sly old fox, oh He said "Let there be
Full Indian Movie Punjabi Subtitles 2017 Action
Adventure Tom Cruise 2017 Full HD.avi", and it
was good.

Welcome my children to a new addition to
AcidMail, so good that it was made by God
himself... kind of...


: https://tehleroy.neocities.org/commissions/
You losers like art, right? Well of cause you do,
you silly willy, that's why you need to
commission Randy to draw your something good;
head-over to their website to read about how you
can get some art. This is a once-in-a-life
opportunity, it was written in the stars that you
should give this guy your money!


: https://www.ytmnd.com/
Oh baby, oh baby, YTMND is back. Alright, so you
probably already know about this, but yes, the
pointless website is back, as re-launched on
2020-31-03. Miracles do come true!

Because of the re-launched, it is now possible to
view all of the old sites hosted, the ability to
log in, create accounts, recover passwords, and
(here's the kicker) post new sites, all with the
added bonus of now using HTML5 media playable,
HTTPS communications, and includes a
mobile-friendly interface.

Oh, also cool and epic person, Pizza Squeeze, has
made their very own YTMND site using the theme of
the COVID-19 virus, so visit it and visit it now!
: https://aycorona.ytmnd.com/


When it comes to A Hard Day's Night, I feel like
it's the cooler, younger brother of 'With The
Beatles'. By this time the album came out, The
Beatles had seemingly got the quality that would
make them understand what makes a good album.

The band by this time had clearly started to
gather not only a large cult following, but now a
large fanbase of fans - mostly teen girls and
young people - who were more than willing to buy
their records and merchandise, this was the
height of Beatlemania after all. Thanks to the
followers of the group, the band were able to
star in their first movie, also called A Hard
Day's Night. While this review is going to be
about the album and not the Walter Shenson
Films/Proscenium Films movie, it certainly was
a success in its own right, this might have
been helped due to its low budget for its time
of £200,000 ($500,000) and also that filming
was finished in under seven weeks. In total,
the movie grossed $11 million in the box
office - Domestic made $965,351 (58%),
International $699,266 (42%), and Worldwide

As said in the start, the album was made at a
time when the band started to find-out what they
were good at and what they were bad at, being
able to cut out the fatty bits that people didn't
want to hear.

As expected, the opening track of the record is
the self-titled Hard Day's Night, and in itself
is a great opener to the album; John Lennon, with
help from Paul McCartney, are both on key with
this album, and it is clear why they chose this
as not only the opening.

Side B is really where the albums picks up in
quality; songs like "Any Time at All", "When I
Get Home", "You Can't Do That", and the end song
of "I'll Be Back" are all fast and great track
to say the least. Both John and Paul are on
their game for this side, especially McCartney.

A continued issue, and one that will pop-up in
the history of the band, is that George Harrison
(who would be called "the quiet Beatle") has not
especially shown his talent. Looking into future
and past work for the band, Harrison really has
nothing to do in the terms of singing, and that
is nothing but a shame, same goes for Ringo
Starr, but he can be excused, as it could be said
that he was a drummer first and a singer second.
I suppose that someone could say the same thing
about Harrison, but replace "drummer" with

Out of the three other albums (Please Please Me
and With the Beatles, both from 1963), this one
would be the best one so far, not only in the
singing abilities of The Beatles, but also how
they construct a song and album as a whole.

Next time, The Beatles sell-out with "Beatles for
Sale". Stick around!


The ASCII of The Now is a weekly thing we do
where we dig threw the old archives of forgotten
websites, finding ASCII art that time forgot.

              .. ..              ...
            .' ;' ;             ;''''.
            ;| ; |;            ;;    ;
            ;| ; |;            ;;.   ;
            ;  ~~~~',,,,,,,    '. '  ;
            ;    -0       ;      ';  ;
            ;       .....'        ;   ;
            ;      _;             ;   ;
            ;   __(o)__.          ;   ;
           .;  '\--\\--\        .'    ;
         .'\ \_.._._\\......,.,.;     ;
      .''   |       ;   ';      '    .'
     ;      |      .'    ;..,,.,,,,.'
     ;      |    .'  ...'
     '.     \  .'   ,'  \\
       '.    ;'   .;     \\
         '.      .'      '-'
           '..  .'

As made by Alessio Roberti Vittory in 1996, the
Egyptian god Anubis has been made. In the ancient
Egyptian religion, Anubis is usually depicted as
a canine or a man with a canine head. Along with
being the god of death, they are also the god of
mummification, embalming, the afterlife,
cemeteries, tombs, and the Underworld.



Alright you LOSERS, yeah, I just called you that,
what are you goin' to do about it? Press
Ctrl + W, hm? Hmm? Come one, loser, do it...
That's what I thought. Now you be a good little
wimp and watch these very nice videos we chose
for you for when you're board.

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SOvr9fLHUM
Almost-classic propaganda about how the United
Kingdom is the State's ally and why the Nazi
Party want to dissolve the growing friendship.
Well worth a watch if you're interested in
World War II media.

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy0T5BEdX6E
A review of a Sooty and Sweep game for the ZX
Spectrum by a channel that has hardly any
followers and views (so far the video has fewer
than 50 views). As clearly inspired by Charley
Brooker's Screenwhipe, the review is nothing but
entertaining and funny.

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRUPQPB4OgQ
Ever wanted to watch a video of a bloke reviewing
which UK supermarket is the cheapest? It's a
video that you didn't know you wanted!

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYZMWkmXX3k
For all of you language nerds out there, we have
a video for you, oh boy.

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oCHSDzml1c
JacksFilms is seemly back with another good
gem, with a video where the title says it all,
good times.

: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRt-fquxnij9wDnFJnpPS2Q
It's not a video, but rather a YouTube channel
dedicated to deep fake vocal synthesis. The
channel takes hundreds of houses of audio from a
person, say in this case British comedian John
Cleese, and manages to create new words that the
person the audio is based off might have never
said, again, in this case, the neural network
manges to get Cleese to read the "Navy Seals"
copypasta ("What the fuck did you just fucking
say about me, you little bitch? [...]".

It certainly can be entering and rather humorous
to hear famous people say ludicrous things that
their flesh-counterparts would never say. Some of
the voices include former US presidents Barack
Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Richard
Nixon, and John F. Kennedy, to other famous faces
including Alec Guinness, Martin Luther King,
Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Orson Welles.

The future is now, losers, get on board! 

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD79NZroV88
Tom Scott is seemly on a roll with videos as of
late, this time it's a video about how Dasani,
as owned by the Cola company, can legally not be
sold in the United Kingdom. Have noting to watch
tonight? Having a browse through Scott's channel
will certainly be worth while.

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMYEE8lvlvA
Ever wanted to know the history of explosive
barrels in computer video games? Well yes, yes
you did.

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o96RYYFEPg
If you haven't followed Georg yet on YouTube,
what's wrong with you? Are you too drunk to see?
Just follow them.

: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la0OjiZ7Gww
It's just a video of a bunch of kids messing
around with their Spanish project, that's it.
Admittedly it is quite funny, but almost crosses
the line of bizarreness.


AcidMail would not be possible if it won't for
the cocky people over at NeoZones, one of the
worst s0-called "webhome". To browse more bad
ideas by the NeoZone losers, check out their URL
over at: https://neozones.neocities.org

Do you have anything that you want to see in next
week's issue of AcidMail? Is it a link, a
comment, a short story, or some art? Well
whatever it is, E-Mail it to us, and we will
probably put it on the next issue (with
credit, of cause!)

If you have any questions, comments, or anything
in between, please don't hesitate to E-Mail us!

P.S. This issue was made while I was in a furry
Discord server full of drunk, horny, and evil
people. God help me.