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NEWSLETTER: Signin' Up To The UB40

This issue we have:
* More terrible newsletters to subscribe to
* More carp, as usual; check it out if you want


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If that is not an option for yourself, instead,
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Remember that you won't get taxed if you don't
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I feel like while the band's last album, 'A Hard
Day's Night', was over-all an improvement in what
they can and cannot do, even at times showing
early signs of experimenting with their music and
risking losing (admittedly a small amount) money
on a movie, their new record, Beatles For Sale,
doesn't really show me that the band were willing
to really take all that much of a risk. For me,
Beatles For Sales kind of shows me that the
band didn't really want to push the boat out,
and would rather stick with what they knew was
to be safe. The music on the album is very,
well, 1960s, rather than ageless (as in, when
you hear it, you could almost say "Oh, this was
made in the 1960s", rather than it
sounding ageless).

Perhaps this is one of the biggest insults that I
can say about the album is this; most of it
sounds like it that were cut from their fist
album. It's made up of slow songs that up until
Mr Moonlight, don't *really* show me anything to
turn me on to this album at all.

In my opinion, Mr Moonlight is where the album
gets better, John Lennon's singing is almost
prot-prot-metal (funny how Paul McCartney would
later invertedly make metal music with Helter
Skelter) with his almost-screaming voice. Just
a shame it is almost halfway through the album.

After Mr Moonlight, Kansas City/Hey, Hey, Hey,
Hey follows, a song so clearly a cover that it
hurts. Still, the singing vocals of McCartney are
great, it's almost like Mr Moonlight (that is
also a cover) and this song are revels in a

Eight Days A Week is next. Apparently this is the
stand-out track for the album as this is the only
song that has a music video for it. It's not the
best from the album (it's still good, but not the
*best*), but it certainly has a catchy element to
it, the clapping is here to help as always, same
goes for the easy-to-learn lyrics for it.

Earlier on, I said that this album sounds like
their very early works, well, next up is "Words
Of Love", a Buddy Holly cover. It's so funny to
think that The Beatles were *still* covering
Buddy Holly and other (mainly American) artists.
For me, covering a song seems to be something
that a band that is just breaking out would do,
and not one that just made a very successful
movie. Perhaps it could be said that that they
really wanted to cover this song, or that they
put all of their effort into writing other
tracks. I feel like for a lot of the songs so-far
that I have written about on this particular
review, I have reviewed them in a way that, well,
almost like I'm shitting on them. Please don't
get me wrong, I *do* like the majority of them,
well, just not the ones I didn't cover.

Finally Ringo Starr gets his own song, Honey
Don't; another cover song! By nature, Ringo is
not a singer, he's a drummer (and often called
THE best one at that), but the thing is, well,
despite not putting singing at his best
qualities, Ringo *is* a good singer, but just
like George Harrison (who only gets ONE lead
vocal song), he *can* sing, but his talent is
never really shown. Starr is unlike most singers
when it comes to his vocals; he's certainly not
going to take the award for best singer in the
group, but the thing is, that doesn't really
matter all that much, as Starr makes up for it by
his enthusiasm; it seems to me that Starr really
wanted to utilise his only-song by trying his
best, and honestly, I would rather hear a song
that is not the best by sung by someone who cares
a lot than play a song that is  A M A Z I N G 
but sung by someone who is foaming it in.

After that, we have Every Little Thing - again,
this song feels like it was written in the early
days of the band. I don't really know how to
describe it, it just has a quality to it. I think
that a telling sign that it feels like it is an
early song is the fact that I was certain that
this was going to be a cover of a Buddy Holly
song, but nope, it is original. Honestly, it is
forgettable at best, same goes for the nest song,
I Don't Want to Spoil the Party, where it could
have just been a cover of a girl group from
Motown. Semi-love song is bland - shame the
tambourine doesn't save it.

"What You're Doing" is the second-to-last track,
sure it feels like a cover (it's not a cover),
but it sounds like a good one that could have
been a slow song turned fast. the vocals of all
of the singers sounds great, same for the
interments. McCartney has such a good singing
range here, and the humming in the background
just makes it ten times better. Great song where
everything is right.

Finally we have a George Harrison song, and it's
a bloody cover song, AHHHGG! I am so disappointed
that no-one in the band or production realised
that Harrison can sing and sing *well*. Yes, of
course this song sounds great, it's sung by one
of the best singers in the band who got seemly
got shafted by having only one slot. Why did they
not think about putting Harrison into more songs
where they take the lead? Why, why, why?

Honestly, this album has a lot of fat to it (side
one), not realising while recording demos that
*some* of the songs can be cut and songs by
Harrison (and even Starr) could be the
replacement is a damn shame.

Is this album worth a play? Sure, I guess in the
background while you work can't be of harm, but
keep in mind that I (a random person on the WWW),
think that A Hard Day's Night is kilometers
better than this upgraded-demo of an album.

Next week, it's 'Help!', stay tuned.


It's so vile to think that there are people right
now out there in the world who are not using the
ISO 8601 date format, ew, no.


The ASCII of The Now is a weekly thing we do
where we dig threw the old archives of forgotten
websites, finding ASCII art that time forgot.

            |           ______     _   _      _
       %%o  |)) @)     |___  /    | | (_)    | |
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       | |  |~_) ))      / / /   \| __| |/ _ \ |
       ( (  |'_ //      / /_( (_) | |_| |  __/ |
        \ \ |/ (/      |_____\___/ \__|_|\___|_|
         \ \|  |      Having the amazing ability
         |-=|  |      to cut him self in half is
         |  |=-|      his trade mark...
        /)_/|\ \                 ...whats yours?
       // _'| \ \     He can teach you how for
      // (.-|  ) )    just 3 easy installments
     ((   |'|  | |    of $29.95 each  *act now*
 ZOT  \\  |||  | |    neverclan@geocities.com

"These are a few of the signatures I've used over
the years" writes Zotiel R. Bell, a person that I
could not really find all that much on. From
looking at their now-offline website from c.
2007, Bell liked to write their own poetry and
also like the idea of being a nudist.



As it turns out, AcidMail is not the only
newsletter to have been made (omg) and that there
are others that you should not only read, but
also follow, oh my, oh my!

: https://boomer.email
Ever had an old person send you (or even show you
in person) a terrible meme that only people of a
certain age could find to be funny? Well if not
(count your lucky stars), you can experiences it
now thanks to Boomer Email, yay!

: https://b3ta.com/newsletter/
It's B3TA, a British community that has been
running semi-weekly newsletters since 2001.
Always worth a read, if not for the link section.
Unsurprisingly, it was the inspiration behind

: https://yoohoosearch.neocities.org/theneocitiestribune/
The newsletter is all about Neocities (hence the
name), and is well worth a read if you're also on
that host and want to know what is currently

I am ashamed to admit that I did not know about
this newsletter until this week until I found-out
about it thanks to Bytemoth of cd5k.net, so
thank you!

: https://roseknight.org/oomoox/
More newsletters that are also semi-about
Neocities, this time by Roseknight. Seemly a more
personal mewsletter than most, but still worth a
look-over. So far there are only two issues out,
and the first one isn't indexed all that well,
so to get to it, you need to type in
/oomoox/volX.html, the X being a number.

: https://quarantinezineclub.neocities.org
Well, looks like I don't *really* need to write
all that much about this link, as there is
already a good bio for the meta name description;
"Quarantine Zine Club will keep you connected to
the zine community! You can share your zines,
read zines & engage with zinesters from around
the world!"


The sand's of time can be cruel to newsletter
that are no longer updated, so here are some from
the vaults that you can fully enjoy and
binge-read - oh boy.

: https://owlman.neocities.org/owlmail/
: https://wiki.squeeze.pizza/index.php?title=OwlMail
Crap but kind of charming newsletter by yours
truly (Owly; Hello) from 2017 to '18. The
newsletter has some alright stuff in it, and
despite myself making it, I would recommend to
check it out as I do think that it is up there
in okay-ness.

I will say this, while making the newsletter, it
really was a rush at times and had a bumpy
history of being written at the last moment
(like AcidMail!)

As of publication of this newsletter, the old
newsletter has now been mirrored onto the new and
quite frankly sexy Penny's Pages Wiki for all
to... enjoy[?], but the issues can still be
viewed in their original format via the OwlMan
website - oh joy...

: https://wiki.squeeze.pizza/index.php?title=Newsletters_by_JakeOnline
Newsletter almost forgot by time. The JakeOnline
newsletters are... not really the best, but
saying that, they *were* made by a 12-year-old
who was exposed to the horrors of the WWW. Might
be worth a check if you want to make your own

: https://wiki.squeeze.pizza/index.php?title=NeoMail
Seeing that I will never get to talk about it
again, here is the NeoMail mailing list, or just
NeoMail, an unofficial mailing list for members
of Neocities that was first set-up in 2016 by
MelonKing. Quite some interesting reads about
the opinions of what was going on in the world
of Neocities.


Thank you to everyone who has helped in the
making of this newsletter and helping past ones

: http://www.patorjk.com/software/taag/#p=display&f=Rectangles
Font at the top is called rectangles.flf and was
made by David Villegas <mnementh@netcom.com> in

As with a lot of websites, netcom.com is now
offline, so contacting Villegas might be hard.

The font was found on patorjk.com, as linked.

: https://owlman.neocities.org/ascii.html#jgs
The postbox ASCII by the text was made by Joan
G. Stark, found via asciiart.eu

: https://kyledrake.com
Thank you to Kyle Drake of kyledrake.com who was
the head leader behind Neocities, a webhost where
AcidJaw and NeoZones was first hosted.

: https://tehleroy.neocities.org/
: https://chameleon.neocities.org/
: https://cd5k.net/
Thank you to Randy for writing last week's
edition of the newsletter while I was doing work
on the Penny's Pages Wiki (as linked at the very
top of this edition), please check it out as I
know that he put a lot of work into it, aaahhhhh!

Also thanks to emily and Bytemoth for having a
read-through of this issue.


AcidMail would not be possible if it were not for
the amazing friends over on at NeoZones, a
webhome that was only made so we could hangout
more. To browse more projects by the people
behind AcidMail, please checkout our other works
at: https://neozones.neocities.org.

Do you have something that you want to show off
in a future edition of the weekly newsletter?
If you do, you can always shoot us an E-Mail over
at acidjaw@airmail.cc, you can also pop-in and
say hello in our very amazing Discord server!

See you 'till next week!